Quality Mulch and Stone in Evansville, IN

Get everything you need for your garden at SWN Garden Center

If you need mulch or stone for your yard in Evansville, IN, visit SWN Garden Center today. We carry a variety of stones that are great for different uses. Our flagstones come in different colors, such as tan, white or dark brown. We also carry decorative boulders in different sizes.

Our mulch is the same high-quality mulch that is standard for gardens and yards across the country. You can buy this mulch anywhere, but you only get exceptional, attentive customer service at SWN Garden Center. If you need tips on how to install mulch in your yard, our staff is happy to help.

3 ways to spruce up your garden with stones

When you visit SWN Garden Center in Evansville, IN, you’ll see our large selection of stones and decorative boulders, but you might not know all the great ways to use them in your yard. Here are three ways we suggest you include stones into your outdoor space:

  1. Use flagstones to create beautiful patios and walkways.
  2. Add boulders to your garden design to add accent pieces.
  3. Place stones around a pond to create a decorative border.

Stones are a great way to liven up your landscape. Visit SWN Garden Center today to learn more about placing stones in your yard or garden.