Japanese Maple


Red Dragon

Zone 5-8; Part-full sun; slow growing 3-5'tall/5'wide (in 10 years); deciduous; Beautiful purple lacy leaves that transition to bright apple red.

Inaba Shidare

Zone 5-8; Partial-full sun (thrives in dappled sun); deciduous; slow growing to 15'tall/20'wide. Brilliant reddish/purple foliage transitioning to bright red in the Fall.




Zone 5-8; Filtered to full sun; slow growing reaching 15-20'tall/15'wide; Stunning red foliage turning brilliant scarlet in the fall; deciduous

Emperor One

Zone 5-8; Partial to full sun; Displays most intense color with full sun; black/red bark veiled in red foliage turning brilliant scarlet in the Fall; deciduous

Fire Glow

Zone 5-8; Partial shade-partial sun (can withstand full sun) slow growing reaching 6-10'tall/15'wide with age; Dramatic red foliage that persist into summer. Deciduous