Christmas Wreath Supplies

Handmade Fresh-Cut Christmas Wreaths

Fresh-cut, handmade wreaths are coming soon to the garden center!  Our wreaths are made with a variety of evergreens such as holly, pine, cypress, juniper and more.

Best of all the fresh materials are sourced right here in Evansville and are lovingly handmade in the garden center.

Once you have your own gorgeous wreath, how do you care for it? For best results mist the back side of your wreath with water daily.  Wreaths do best when hung in a cool place and not in direct sunlight.

Got a Request?

Saw a photo of one of our other wreaths you just have to have?  We will be happy to recreate a wreath!  Just keep in mind these wreaths are handmade so each one is unique.

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Christmas Tree Scene

Scotch Pine Christmas Trees

Scotch Pine is widely prized for its color, sturdiness and needle retention.  It is one of the best trees for needle retention.  If allowed to dry out the needles will not fall like other evergreens.  Who doesn't like less mess?  Their sturdy branches are good for decorating and hanging heavier ornaments.

Coming Soon!

This Christmas Tree will be available soon!  Check back here or on Facebook for updates!

Fraser Fir Christmas Trees

Fraser Fir is best known for its pleasant fragrance.  They also have great needle retention and a pleasing compact foliage.  

Coming Soon!

This Christmas Tree will be available soon! Check back here or on Facebook for updates!

More Christmas Offerings

Scented Candles

High-quality, long burning, affordable and made right here in the USA!  Check out all of our new & exciting holiday fragrances!

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Live Christmas Trees

Live Christmas trees are a fun way to celebrate the season! Enjoy their greenery even after the holidays!

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