Keystone Candles

Jar Candle

Jar Candles

26 Oz Jar Candles


Keystone Candles are crafted right here in the  USA!  This family-owned business crafts candles renowned for quality,  fragrance, and long burn times.  

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Their jar candles offer strong scents made with a hand-selected blend of synthetic and essential oils.

Burn time 120-150 hours.

Many exciting, holiday scents will be available in these large 26 oz. jar candles.

Look forward to these fragrances:

Apple Cinnamon (Best Seller)

Autumn Harvest

Balsam Fir (Best Seller)

Candy Cane

Cinnamon Bun

French Vanilla


Holiday Homecoming

Pumpkin Spice


64 Oz Jar Candles

Large 3-wick jar candles will fill your house with holiday scents!
Burn time 160-180 hours
Look forward to these fragrances:
Apple Cinnamon
Spiced Pumpkin


Candle Tins

8 Oz Candle Tins

Made in the USA, these portable tins are perfect for candle-lovers on the go!

Burn time 40-45 hours.

Look forward to these fragrances:
Baked Apple Crisp
Homemade Pumpkin Roll  
Warm Vanilla Sugar


Specialty Candles

Pan Candles

Fresh Spruce Pan Candle

These handcrafted candles are poured into heavy cast iron skillets. Great for country themed decor! 

Burn time 20-30 hours 

Look forward to these fragrances: 

Candy Cane 

Cinnamon Bun 

Fresh Spruce 


Pumpkin Jar

Pumpkin Jar Candle


Enjoy strong scents in the 70 oz. pumpkin-shaped jar! This candle is crafted with 3 wicks to ensure an even burn.

Burn time 170-190 hours 


Pumpkin Spice

Cookier Jars



These unique candles are poured right into a 64 oz. glass cookie jar! Best part? Once your candle is finished you can reuse the jar and fill with your own favorite cookies! Just be sure to wash it with hot soap & water. 

Burn time 160-170 hours. 

Look forward to these fragrances: 

Chocolate Chip
Gingerbread Cookie



This conversation piece is sure to impress!  This massive jar candle is filled with 2 gallons of high quality wax!  Crafted with 5 wicks for an even burn and strong scent.

Burn time... a very, very long time!

Apple Cinnamon

Other Christmas Offerings

Fresh-Cut Christmas Trees

Nothing says Christmas like a fresh-cut tree! High-quality, sturdy trees perfect for decorating! 

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Christmas Wreaths

Decorate for the holidays with fresh-cut handcrafted wreaths.  Sourced with local evergreens! 

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Live Christmas Trees

 Live Christmas trees are a fun way to celebrate the season! Enjoy their greenery even after the holidays! 

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